Best Drones Under $200

If you had asked videographers what is the best "new" technology for their job in the last 10 years, most of them would answer drone. They are everywhere, and you can get them for as little as $30, but just like with other technology, there are poorly made ones and great ones.

We have made a research and you are about to find out which are the best drones under $200.


Most of the nature shots taken from the air are filmed with a drone. Those days when you had to fly with a helicopter to film something are long gone. Nowadays, even an amateur can create magnificent air shots for a low cost.

Drones have taken over the market in the last 10 years. They have become so popular that even the smallest retailers have some form of a drone. The quality of a drone varies a lot, and research is necessary to purchase something good enough.

There are some really terrible ones out there, so you should watch out before rushing to buy anything. The quality of the camera has reached 4K for some drones. Flying these drones was newer easier, with some of them having cool features such as 'Follow me' which will make the drone go everywhere you go.

The pricing varies a lot, and so do the features. If you want top-tier drones, you will be looking at prices above a few thousand $. Each drone has its pros and cons, but lucky for you, there are plenty of reviews available online. If you are just starting out, you don't need to buy the most expensive one.

Not everybody can afford a DJI Inspire 2, so that's why we have created a list of best drones under $200.

Best Drones Under $200

The list you are about to see is based on different reviews available online and some video reviews. We have taken the most reliable ones and made a conclusion based on them. There are some awesome drones you can get for a cheap price, and who knows, you may become a paid videographer overnight.

Enough talking, let's get right to the list of best drones under $200:

Best drones under $200

Holy Stone HS270


The cheapest drone on this list, but don't skip it yet. It comes with so many features that the price is surprisingly low. The camera quality is 2.7K which provides amazing video quality. It also has an in-built GPS that allows you to use features such as 'Auto return home', 'Follow me', 'Custom Flight Path', and more.

The controller is included with the drone and it has a nice smartphone holder. You can combine your smartphone with the Holy Stone app to control the drone and also to see a live preview. The camera has a 90-degree rotation that will let you snap different shots from various angles. One awesome feature that many drones lack is 'Point of interest' which will allow you to orbit around the object you choose.

It has an in-built voice recorder and 5GHz First-Person-View (FPV) transmission. 5GHz is less interfered and it will enable you to have crystal clear live video. The batteries included are rechargeable and will provide for approx. 18 minutes of flight.

This drone weight is approximately 595 grams.

Best drones under $200

Altair 818 Hornet


Another great drone for beginners on this list is the 818 Hornet. It comes with 2 batteries which combined provide for approx. 30 minutes of flying time. The camera that's on this drone is 720p FPV and it also has a live video feature.

It also comes with a controller and a smartphone option. The control preference is up to you, and so are the speed options. This drone comes with 3-speed options depending on the skill that you have. The first speed is the slowest one, but also the most stable and the third speed is the fastest, but not as stable.

It has a fast 1 button take-off and landing. Same as the previous drone, it also has a custom route/path mapping. The transmission range is between 100 and 150m and the weight is incredibly light 248 grams. Altair 818 Hornet is an excellent drone for beginners and kids who are just starting out with drones.

Best drones under $200



This extremely light, but very powerful drone definitely deserves a spot on this list. It weighs only 272 grams and both the drone and controller are foldable. This is ideal for those who travel a lot and need a drone that's easily portable.

Both the controller and SP510 drone are rechargeable which makes it even more portable. It has around 16 minutes of flight time on a single recharge.  There is no need for an extra battery in the controller.

The camera on this drone is amazing 2.7K HD, but even more impressive are the 110° Field of View lens with 90° adjustable camera angle.  Some of the features available through 5GHz WiFi are:

  • Point of interest
  • Waypoint mapping
  • Auto return home
  • Follow me

The controller comes with extendable arms that will allow easier smartphone holding. It's one of the best drone models out there for sure.

Best drones under $200

Potensic D80


Together with Ruoko U11, this drone is almost exactly $200.00, but are they better than lower cost competitors? Let's see.

It is powered by 4 brushless motors which will ensure a very stable flight. It can achieve speeds up to 40Km/h that is much faster than the cheaper competitors out there.

The camera is an amazing 2K HD FPV quality and the live video is streamed over 5GHz WiFi. D80 has a dual GPS system so you don't have to worry about losing your drone. These two GPS will provide accurate position details.

Please note that 2K content requires a 16/32 GB SD card which is not included with the drone. Considering the very low prices of SD cards today, that's not that big of an issue. Flight time is around 20 minutes and the distance can be controlled up to 800 meters if there is no signal interference.

It has all the usual features such as auto return, one key take-off and landing, follow me, altitude hold, and more. D80 will automatically return if the battery percentage is low or the signal is out of range. The only downside of this drone is the weight which is 3lb or approx. 1360 grams.

Best drones under $200

Ruko U11


This one is the absolute winner in this list when we consider the camera quality. Ruko U11 comes with a 4K camera that can record videos in 2K and take still photos in 4K. What's even more incredible is that this drone weighs only 270g.

The camera can be adjusted at a 90° angle. It has an extra battery that will allow you amazing 40 minutes of flying (20+20 minutes). There are plenty of awesome features such as:

  • Find the lost drone
  • One key takeoff/land
  • Waypoint mapping
  • Auto return home
  • GPS Follow me
  • Optical flow positioning
  • Circle fly

It also has a couple of different speed options which can help you learn how to operate this drone. Videos will also have to be saved on a micro SD card that's not included in the drone package.


There are plenty of options to choose from, but you'll have to find the optimal price and features. Also, it's very important to buy one that suits you. There is hardly a 'perfect' drone, it all depends on what are you trying to achieve, and which features you need it to have.

Choosing the right drone for you also depends on what kind of video/photo are you planning to make. Each drone has a different battery life, camera quality, flying height, etc. Make sure you take everything into account when buying one.

So, did you find a favorite amongst our list?


Do I need to purchase an expensive drone for good quality video?

It depends on what you consider expensive, but there are excellent drones under 200$ that have amazing video quality.

Do I need a permit for a drone?

It depends on the country that you live in, for example, in the USA you have to register your drone with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and you can only fly it for recreational purposes.

Can I fly my drone when it rains?

You need to check if your drone is waterproof. There are a lot of drones that can withstand rain and wind, but they tend to be on the pricier side.

Is it illegal to fly a drone over someone's house?

It depends on the state (or the country) that you live in. Some prohibit it, while others claim it's only illegal if you record people without their permission.

What is the age requirement for flying a drone?

Same as other legal questions, it depends on your location. Some countries (Mostly European) require you to register as an operator. If you are not of legal age you will have to ask your parents to do it for you.

Are there any drone accessories available?

Yes, there are a lot of different drone accessories such as 'First Person View (FPV)' goggles. Specially made backpacks are also awesome, they will help you carry everything you need on your drone adventures.

Can I fly my drone at night?

Yes, most drones have an in-built night camera. Make sure you double-check the law regulations first because some countries prevent the usage of a drone during the night without a special permit.

How heavy is a drone?

Depends on the model, but most drones are anywhere from a few hundred grams to a few kilograms. Drones that are used by the army can weigh more than a ton.


Pabbly: Subscription Software Review

In the highly competitive software subscription service industry, instant gratification, marketing, convenience integration, and speed is crucial to the success of your business,

Pabbly offers you a fully integrated single-user solution enabling you predict sales accurately, communicate vendor product offerings to customers, and increase the rate of customer retention.

Offering integration to a variety of payment gateways and payment options is vital for continued success.

What are Pabbly Subscriptions?

Pabbly Subscription Software is a PCI Compliant recurring billing and subscription management software that simplifies and automates the entire subscription lifecycle.

It allows you to effortlessly create products, subscription plans, client billing, and payment collection. Payments are flexible and can be accepted from multiple payment gateways in various currencies. Furthermore, Pabbly can accept ACH, Credit Cards, and other payment options.

You can connect your Shopify store with your Pabbly account, and it is easy integrating Pabbly with Shopify.

Brief History 

Pabbly was started by Pankaj and Neeraj Agarwal in 2009 offering classes via an online platform to teach student web technologies such as PHP/MySQL.

In 2011 the founders decided to apply the knowledge and experience gathered and to build Pabbly. It necessitated an increase of staff complement and building a team of four people.

This gave birth to the development and prototype of Pabbly.

Pabbly Key Features

The key features offered by Pabbly and described in this review are

  • Subscription billing
  • Form builder
  • Email marketing
  • Email Verification
  • Connect

Unique features

Other than standard features offered by most subscription services, Pabbly offers the following unique services and features.

  • Dunning management
  • no per-transaction fee
  • integrated affiliate management
  • Open API
  • Webhook integration
  • Sell subscription by fully customizable checkout pages,
  • Custom domains and
  • Favicons for branding

Pabbly Features

  • API
  • Billing/Invoicing
  • Budgeting
  • Customer Management
  • Dashboard
  • Data Export
  • Data Import
  • Expense Tracking
  • External Integrations
  • Multi-Currency
  • Multi-User
  • Notifications
  • PayPal
  • Stripe

Pabbly Pricing Plans

There are three pricing options for Pabbly aimed at single-user environments. The first option is the Starter plan for $7.00 per month allowing for fifty customers, the Rookie option comes at $29.00 per month allowing for 1000 customers, and finally, the Pro option comes at $59.00 and allows for unlimited customers.

Subscription Billing

Pabbly Subscriptions is a cloud-based accounting solution aimed at assisting small and midsize businesses to create multiple products and set up several plans and subscriptions.

It makes the automation and management of the comprehensive subscription billing cycle straightforward.

Over and above the recurring billing it can accept one-off payments for customers that want to do a single or a trial purchase.

Furthermore, it follows the billing cycle creating and sending automated invoices, collect money, and recovering failed payments. Invoices can be personalized with your company’s logo and details.

All transactions are available in a multitude of currencies.

You can manage your accounts and obtain subscription information effortlessly via the central dashboard. The dashboard provides information on new subscriptions, refunds, canceled subscriptions, and more.

Integration with other applications is straightforward via the API provided by Pabbly

For security and peace of mind, Pabbly Subscriptions complies with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

Customer support is extremely important in a payment system therefore Pabbly offers support via email, phone, and through an online helpdesk.

Pabbly is an ideal software package for SaaS companies, software suppliers, subscription service providers, and anyone who requires monthly subscription payments.

Email Marketing

Marketing and promotions are vital to the existence of a subscription service to remind customers of the available products and services. This allows vendors to send customers a preview of products that they are about to release and the best-selling products in their range.

How To Personalize Pabbly Email

Pabbly emails can be personalized by extracting the customer details and addressing the customer rather than generating a generic email

Pabbly offers a feature to send marketing & promotional emails to subscribers. The feature includes

  • In-built SMTP in-built delivery engine with 98% email deliverability
  • External SMTP connection to link to your existing SMTP services like Amazon SES, MailGun, SendGrid, and others
  • Automatically deliver marketing emails on pre-set schedule to engage your subscribers
  • Pabbly list cleaning uses an MX cleaner to remove bad emails before sending email
  • Create emails swiftly using the built-in Drag & Drop email builder
  • Send follow-ups to emails that have not been opened
  • Enable you to do list management of all your subscribers in one place.
  • Easily import emails to your list within Pabbly Email Marketing
  • Track activity on sent email such as which emails have been clicked on and which emails have been opened
  • Autoresponders automatically send a welcome email to new subscribers
  • Allows the use of multiple SMTPs or Connect with 50+ SMTPs to achieve the best inbox deliverability. No SMTP connection limits

Form Builder

Form builders allow you to create an online form to collect leads and payments. The application previously known as FormGet is now rebranded as Pabbly Form Builder. This multi-award-winning feature has won three awards from Crozdesk in 2020 for:

  • A quality choice for the top-ranked solution
  • Trusted Vendor for high market presence
  • Happy Users for high user satisfaction

Pabbly offers access to a library of more than 200 templates covering, survey forms, feedback forms, booking forms, admission forms, and more.

Forms such as contact forms, payment forms, and others are designed online using powerful & user-friendly features like drag & drop builder, conditional & branching logic, custom brandings, file upload, and more.

Form management is done via the single dashboard making it easy to create, customize, and share forms.

Fields that can be used in Pabbly Form Builder include name, checkbox, dropdown, date, and time, to name a few.

Forms can be built in a variety of platforms such as all major web browsers, Android, iOS, and Windows.

Pabbly Form Builder key features

  • Conditional logic and redirection
  • View All Form Submissions
  • Auto-Populate of forms from existing data
  • Payments and subscriptions
  • Partial Form Submissions
  • Email Alerts on form submissions
  • Share Form Access with Teams
  • Integrate with multiple applications internal and external
  • Multi-page forms
  • Open API
  • Data export
  • Data import

Pabbly Form Builder offers a starter pricing plan at $15/month with no credit card required at the time of subscription. It offers unlimited user per month, unlimited embedding, submissions, payment collections, storage. It integrates with PayPal and Stripe payment gateways.

Support is offered in the form of online documentation, FAQs, email chat, online chat, and customer support.

In addition to a marketing email, Pabbly offers email verification of your email lists for increased results such as increased delivery and email open rates.

Verification is done by slowly pinging the recipients' email server to which the receiving server responds whether the email is valid or invalid.

Pinging the server too fast and frequently results in the receiving mail server denying your requests or simply reply with incorrect data. Slow pinging results in fewer false positives, catch-alls, and unknown addresses.

The increase inaccurate email information enables:

  • Less email bouncing due to incorrect information with a 98% deliverability success rate
  • Accuracy in email syntax
  • Domain Confirmation
  • Fewer complaints by removing emails that have lodged complaints
  • Remove duplicated email addresses
  • Risk validation runs scans against email addresses for High-Risk Keywords and TLDs
  • MTA validation validates the Email Transfer Agent for a valid MX Records
  • Prevents greylisting using the latest anti-greylisting technology


Pabbly connects offers one platform to automate integrations to all your internal and external applications, create automated workflows, and automated transfer the data between your apps and services.

As it is an online application no downloads are required and Pabbly Connect can be configured in three steps:

  • Select and authorize the apps you want to sync with each other.
  • Tweak your sync by adding filters, actions, and field mappings.
  • Start synchronizing and let Pabbly do the rest

Straightforward Workflow Setup

Pabbly Connect offers an unlimited number of intuitive automated workflows that can:

  • Build 300+ spreadsheet functions
  • Extract text with REGEX Pattern
  • Extract numbers from text
  • Execute math operations
  • Delay Function
  • Use JSON for data extraction
  • Format and parse text
  • Email Parsing
  • TimeZone Conversions
  • Add/Subtract Times to Dates
  • Format numbers
  • Format currencies
  • Set up automatic counters and triggers
  • URL encoding/ decoding
  • Phone number formatting
  • Date and time formatting
  • Encrypt/decrypt operations

Pabbly Connect can trigger an event whenever purchase s are made from a shopping cart to send a coupon code to the buyer. Merchants offer coupons to entice customers to buy more.

There are a few pricing options available including a yearly option that will save you 20%. It also includes a free option that allows all features but restricts you to 100 Tasks/Operations per month.

The Starter option comes at $15 / month restricting you to 12,000 Tasks/Operations per month, the Rookie option is $25 / month limiting you to 50,000 Tasks/Operations per month. The most expensive package is the AdvanceT offering limiting you to 80,000 Tasks/Operations at per month $39 / month.

Pabbly Connect complete Actions fills in the data if selected.


  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Customisable according to requirements
  • Ease of integrating you repeat billing with Stripe, Paypal, and other platforms
  • Simple affiliate management on a single dashboard
  • Straightforward process to set up mailing projects and follow-up with excellent feedback on delivered emails
  • Works with multiple SMTP delivery servers
  • Effective account and subscription management on a single dashboard
  • No fees per transaction
  • Pabbly is cost-effective for small to medium sized businesses


  • Some people have experienced issues with the setup of the URL to their unique subdomain
  • No App available as yet



Stripe is an e-commerce solution that does not offer the all-round capability of Pabbly while it cost more as you have to pay transaction fees whereas Pabbly have not per-transaction fee.


Chargify offers a multi-user system but is only available as a cloud solution thus it is not as flexible as Pabbly that runs on nearly all web and mobile platforms.

Although Chargify offers webinars it loses out on the in-person training personal touch provided by Pabbly

Chargify is much more expensive and in addition it charges a 0.9% per transaction fee. This makes Pabbly the more cost-effective option compared to Chargify.


Who is the typical Pabbly user?

Pabbly is typically used by business owners that sell products and services on a monthly subscription basis to a wide range of international clients. Invoicing and payment collection is done monthly.

Although these business owners mainly offer a subscription service, they also allow for one-time purchases.

Pabbly Subscriptions is ideal for SaaS and subscription-based businesses.

Does Pabbly allow for multi-user teams?

No, Pabbly does not allow for multi-user teams but rather concentrate on small to medium businesses requiring a single user system.

Is there a customer support option?

Yes, Pabbly offers 24/7 customer support to all clients via the online documentation that is available at This offers a detailed description of how the system operates and provides access to FAQ.

Does Pabbly work on all platforms?

Pabbly is compatible with nearly all available platforms and is compatible with all major web browsers, iOS, Android, and Windows.

Is there an API available?

Yes, Pabbly offers an open API to integrate with any system with API connectivity.

Integration with payment gateways?

Pabbly Subscriptions directly integrates with PayPal and Stripe for payment processing.

Pabbly how to add HTML and CSS

Full coding detail required for adding Node.js HTTP Module, Static Files HTML, CSS, and images are available online.


Subscription services have become an extremely trendy way of marketing, selling, invoicing, and payment regularly for sellers of products and services that require frequent interaction with their client base. It is a lucrative and growing market.

Although many platforms are offering similar services, Pabbly offers a complete service that offers email marketing, verification, subscription payments, form building, and complete integration with Pabbly connect.

This Pabbly subscriptions review was aimed at informing our bloggers on the features that Pabbly offers and why how it can assist you in simplifying the subscriptions within your business.


Best Air Fryer Toaster Oven


Air fryers are one of the newest innovations when it comes to meal preparation. They replace other fryers in both convenience and healthy cooking since you need very little oil to get those delicious crispy dishes you love.

Toaster ovens have been around for several years but are still popular since they allow you to make a variety of oven meals in a smaller appliance, taking up less room and using less energy than your large kitchen oven.

Though these handy devices are great on their own, combining the two into the best air fryer toaster oven gives you a whole new world of cooking options. These amazing machines offer a variety of cooking abilities aside from air frying and toasting as well, so you can bake cakes, make pizza, roast a chicken, and so much more in one compact appliance.

Why Air Fryer Toaster Ovens Rock

With so many different kitchen appliances available, from the large ovens to the more compact pieces, you may be wondering why you need an air fryer toaster oven. Well, first of all, getting one of these fantastic units can save you money.

Not only do they replace the standalone machines, but they also use less energy than your large kitchen oven would use, reducing your energy bill every month. You can find an air fryer toaster oven to fit into any budget as well, with as few or as many features as you like to meet your cooking needs.

Air fryer toaster ovens are versatile and multipurpose kitchen devices. You can use them for almost any type of meal or dessert preparation that you like, from simple toast to roasted veggies to baked treats. Many of them even include rotisserie functions for even more delicious meal options.

For those who are trying to eat healthy, air fryer toaster ovens allow you to cook with little to no oil without sacrificing the delicious flavors deep-fried meals are known for. The convection technology circulates super-heated air around your foods, cooking it thoroughly without drying it out or creating a soggy unappetizing mess.

The best thing about air fryer toaster ovens is that there is one for every household in the perfect size and shape to fit your kitchen. From tiny apartment kitchens to huge home kitchens, there is an air fryer toaster oven to fit your space.

Best Air Fryer Toaster Ovens

If you’ve spent any time trying to find the perfect air fryer toaster oven, you’ll have noticed that there are dozens to choose from, all with similar features and designs. This makes it difficult to choose the right one for your home. To make your decision easier, we’ve researched the top models on the market and picked the best ones for you to choose from.

Best Budget Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Best aifryer toaster oven

Crownful 19-Quart Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Not everyone can afford a high-end air fryer toaster oven. Luckily, there are a variety of budget-friendly models to choose from, including the Crownful 19-quart model. It looks cool, like a little oven on your counter, with a black body and a windowed door that allows you to keep an eye on whatever you’re cooking. The low price doesn’t mean it skimps on the features, either, since this air fryer toaster oven still offers 10 function presets to choose from.

As well as air frying and toasting, this model allows you to bake, broil, reheat, dehydrate, and roast. You can cook all your favorite meals, from pizza to bagels, and it even includes a rotisserie function that isn’t available on many other models. It uses a mix of traditional buttons and dials and a modern LED display, plus it comes with an amazing amount of accessories for all your cooking needs.


  • Great low price
  • 10 functions
  • Extra-large capacity


  • Rotisserie only fits small items

Best High-Capacity Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Best aifryer toaster oven

Nuwave Bravo Convection Oven

Cooking for a big family or several friends requires a machine that can handle large food capacities. The Nuwave Bravo Convection Oven will meet this huge meal needs, thanks to its 30-quart capacity. It can handle a 10-pound chicken or a 13-inch pizza, so you can please every palate without switching machines.

This fantastic air fryer toaster oven also includes a unique feature that isn’t found on most models. This is the built-in thermometer probe that allows you to track the internal temperature of everything you cook, plus you can set the unit to turn off when a specific temperature is reached.

Even if it’s your first time using one of these machines, you shouldn’t have any issues with this one. It has several preset options and functions to pick from to use for all of your favorite meals, so you don’t have to skimp on what you like.


  • Adjustable heating elements
  • Built-in temperature probe
  • Easy to clean


  • Manual isn’t user-friendly

Best Multipurpose Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Best aifryer toaster oven

Instant Omni Plus

One of the best reasons to buy an air fryer toaster oven is that these units are versatile, giving you several cooking functions that you would otherwise need several small and large appliances to accomplish separately. The Instant Omni Plus has 11 functions to choose from, including a few you don’t normally find on other machines, like slow cooking and proofing dough for making your own bread. This helps you stay even healthier since you have so many more options to choose from when making your meals.

As well as giving you multiple cooking functions, this model looks fantastic sitting on your counter, similar in appearance to an oven but with a more compact size. It is easy to use, with clear buttons and an LED display, plus it comes with all the accessories needed, so you don’t need to hunt around to find pans and trays that fit into the small oven area.


  • 11 smart programs
  • Stainless steel body
  • Free app access


  • Buttons are hard to push

Best Digital Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Best aifryer toaster oven

Iconites 10-in-1 Air Fryer Oven

Modern kitchens need modern appliances that fit into a particular style without standing out too much. The Iconites 10-in-1 Air Fryer Oven has a sleek look, with a silver body and a stylish LED digital display that makes it easy to set the functions you need and make the adjustments necessary as you cook. The functions start as a pretty blue color and then turn red when you select them, so you never have to guess what is going on with your machine.

Of course, looking great isn’t enough for an air fryer toaster oven. Luckily, this one works quite well, with multiple functions to choose from, as well as an adjustable temperature range, and internal light, and a variety of accessories included, many of which are dishwasher safe to make cleanup after the meal a breeze. There are 5 rack levels, so you can cook multiple items at once to feed all your picky eaters.


  • Large touchscreen
  • Several accessories included
  • 5 rack levels
  • Large capacity


  • Instruction booklet needs more detail

Best Overall Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Best aifryer toaster oven

Ninja SP101 Foodi

When it comes to kitchen appliances, Ninja is one of the top name brands there is, so it’s no wonder they made such an amazing air fryer toaster model with the SP101 Foodi. Though shorter than some other models out there, this machine still gives you plenty of space to fit a 13-inch sheet pan, so you can still make a decent-sized meal for yourself and your family.

The compact size of this unit has an extra-special function. When you’re done cooking and the machine has cooled, you can flip it up onto its back to save space, which is a must for those with limited counter areas. Once it is flipped up, you can also access the bottom panel for quick cleaning, which we all can admit is the worst part of cooking.

The Ninja SP101 Foodi also has 8 functions, a removable crumb tray, a couple of cooking accessories, and simple controls that even a beginner can get the hang of in no time.


  • 8 functions
  • Flip-up storage design
  • Heats fast
  • Compact size


  • Unit and air fryer basket are hard to clean


There are so many different appliances that you can buy for your kitchen, including ovens, toaster ovens, microwaves, convection ovens, and air fryers. The beauty of air fryer toaster ovens is that many of them can replace most, if not all, of these items in one compact machine. Not only does this save you money, but it also saves space in your kitchen, plus it allows you to create healthy meals for you and your family every night of the week.


Are All Air Fryer Toaster Ovens the Same?

No, these models are not all the same. Though they usually have a few functions aside from the air fryer and toaster oven, these can vary from machine to machine. They may also have different cooking capacities, controls, and prices.

How Often Should They Be Cleaned?

It is best to clean your air fryer toaster oven after every use. This reduces the buildup of grease and food particles, as well as eliminating any cooking odors.

Is It Necessary to Use Oil?

Though it isn’t necessary to use oil, it is recommended to use small amounts of either spray or liquid oil to create a crispy texture on your foods.